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Rad Gaming and Geek Spaces to hangout online

Where to find the Tech Girl Community on the Interwebs

Looking for a community of gamers and geeks that is friendly and a fun space for all? Here are some suggestions.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to watch the Tech Girl Community grow into this rad space for people to connect and find friends who share the same interests as them. With that growth, it made sense that small communities would form and build outside of just the usual TechGirl social channels. If you’re a fan of the content I put out and think we’d be friends in real life, I’ve probably got the perfect spots for you to make online friends who share your interests and passions. Here are three rad gaming and geek spaces to hangout online – you’re sure to find people who play the games you love, watch the shows you enjoy and are genuinely fun humans to chat to:

The Tech Girl Green Room

A private Facebook group you can join, by clicking here

tech girl facebook group

A green room is traditionally a space where a broadcast team wait and relax before, during and after a live esports event. The idea behind this Facebook group was to create a virtual space that sort of mimics the vibe of a green room. It’s a place for gamers, esports fans and geeks to chat and share interests while also being a spot where, if you’re part of the TechGirlZA community you’ll get access to a bit more information and fun stuff than most others. We’re a small group who share fun things we find on the internet (not just TechGirlZA content), talk about stories that interest us, ask for help and genuinely just enjoy geeking out.

A Discord Server to find people to jam games with

Join the TechGirlZA Discord Server, by clicking here.

If you’re regularly looking for new people to play games with then this discord server is definitely for you. It’s a small group of gamers who jump into various titles, share the best memes and music selections and are around for any troubleshooting game or tech wise if you need it. I absolutely love the little discord group and will also pop in there regularly when I’m playing and looking for folks to jam with. It’s the perfect space for console and PC gamers. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for more people to play online games with (or just banging music selections).

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