Make MORE money using just your smartphone

Make MORE money using just your smartphone

Last year we told you how to make money on your smartphone in five minutes. It’s reasonably straight forward, download the WeChat app to your smartphone, add the user ID: Money4Jam and browse the easy jobs on offer. Most are relatively simple and will make you a few extra rands.

If you are limited with your phone you can also apply to do jobs on the website via your computer.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Money 4 Jam you’re probably thinking that this is a scam right? Well, no, it isn’t. The app has provided fantastic opportunities for those who need it most. Take Neo for example. She is 26 years old and found herself unemployed when her contract job came to an end. Even with her accounting degree she was struggling and relying on her husband to support her.

Make MORE money using just your smartphone

Her brother pointed her in the direction of M4JAM after he saw an ad on TV. She signed up as a “jobber” and has now started doing the jobs that pop up on the app. She plans to save the money she is earning so that she can fund her own start up. The M4JAM management noticed how hard Neo was working and she now helps sign up new jobbers inrural communities.

Neo says that the app has the ability to bridge the gap between poverty and a better lifestyle.

She now earns money for every person she signs up to the app and soon will earn income for every job that each of her signed-up jobbers do. According to jam support agent, Amie Hougaard, Neo has been instrumental in showing other individuals how to utilise the app to improve their circumstances.

While it might not be a viable career just yet you can make more money using just your smartphone and possibly splurge on that MAC lipstick you’ve been eyeing – never a bad thing right?

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