Do you really need the Beme App?

Oh look, another social media app. However, this one isn’t about adding a decent filter to your selfie or lunch. Nope. This one is all about “authenticity”… well at least according to its creator, Casey Neistat. Yes, that Neistat, who made his name (and fortune) creating YouTube videos which we all know are extremely authentic right? I mean did you see our editor crying about cake? She doesn’t even like cake!

Neistat seems to think social media is “forcing us to present an over-stylised and over-perfect version of ourselves to the world”. So he created Beme to add some filter free authenticity to life… here’s a hint Neistat, put down your phone and stop sharing!


According to The Verge, Beme offers no chance to review or edit videos: they’re just sent straight to users’ feeds. OK.

This part of Beme freaks me out a little bit. I mean you can even edit a Snapchat pic and that lasts all of 2 seconds if you want it to. I know this is the whole authenticity Beme point, but how about a little Mayfair or just a bit of Juno? C’mon people? Nobody looks good in real life?!

According to the Beme introduction video, users click and hold on a vid to see it, and once it has been seen it is gone forever. This is better, I can deal with this. I can tell my non-boyfriend he only imagined that candy wrapper in my hair. They can, however, give feedback by tapping the screen mid-video to send a selfie from their front-facing camera. Yay. Feedback. Who doesn’t love feedback right? (Anybody that didn’t go to school).

Beme App

“Getting reactions is my favourite part of the app,” says Neistat. “There’s just something so satisfying about being able to see people actually watching what you share.” This man is just way too enthusiastic about life (and his need for people to watch his stuff), can I get whatever he’s on? Thanks.

Neistat also thinks he’s the Godfather or a Super Spy cause you just can’t use the almighty authenticity app. Oh no, you need a secret code to access it even though it is free for download on the app store. “I will give out access codes periodically on the vlog or you can get one from anyone who’s already unlocked the app,” says Neistat, underneath his YouTube introduction to Beme. In other words, you have to watch his vlog and have an iPhone if you want Beme or have an iPhone and force a friend to watch his vlog if you want Beme. I’m starting to think this man only created this app to try get more YouTube views.

Great. Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about making virtual life authentic, I kind of like virtual life being well virtual. Life is already way too authentic for me. But, what do you guys think? Yay or nay for Beme?

If you want a code our editor has. She says the code is about as useful as a profile on Ello. But she is always late to the party on these things. Drop us a comment for a code. 

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