Laugh like Ginjah and you could be famous

Do you have the laugh that beats all laughs? Want to be famous?

I can’t make promises on the second but local gaming company, RetroEpic, might be able to use you if you fit the first. They’re in the process of finishing off their latest mobile game called Ginjah. It’s a rad concept, a memory matching game with an annoying troll-like cat that will try confuse you and catch you out. Ginjah is so annoying he has even been known to troll the Tech Girl account on twitter.


Hmmm… Ginjah and Geoff from Lazygamer have a lot in common. We should introduce them.

So, in collaboration with Make Games SA, RetroEpic is on the search for Ginjah’s laugh. If you think you have the puuurfect giggle (see what I did there?) Head on over here to get more details. You’ll be paid, you’ll be mentioned in all the press and your laugh will be used in the game and trailer.


Fame and fortune could be yours! Not really. But personally, I wouldn’t mind if Ginjah’s final laugh came from a Tech Girl reader. Get on that. Stat!

Competition closes 20 August 2015.

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