Win a one year free membership to GoHealth

Win a one year free membership to GoHealth

When GoHealth approached me with the opportunity to train at their fancy tech savvy gym they had opened in Johannesburg I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I wanted an opportunity to get fitter and stronger. The gym also incorporated so much tech that the obsessed gadget girl in me was immediately excited. I arrived at the gym just before opening and was stoked to kick off my fitness journey.

And then life happened.

Win a one year free membership to GoHealth

What I didn’t realise was that, for starters, Google Maps was a bit off. The gym was 30 to 40 minutes away from my house… without traffic. However, to get there I had to take a highway and then come off and travel down one of the busier roads in our city. On visiting the gym before opening it took me an hour to get there… and that was at midday! I tried twice after the gym opened to go through to train after work. Both times I hit gridlock traffic on the highway, who doesn’t love the after work rush? And when Waze told me I was looking at an hour and half to get there I promptly took the next off ramp and turned around.

I’ve been extremely disappointed because following my friend Sharon’s journey on her blog has made me feel like a bit of failure.

But never fear.

Win a one year free membership to GoHealth

GoHealth is new in South Africa. They’re expecting to expand soon and I should be able to access one of their facilities a little bit closer to home. Yay! In the mean time I’m going to try schedule in a weekend drive to their flagship centre in Northview and try make it a Saturday thing (in between competing on my horse. Eish!).

While my fitness goals may have hit a speed bump it doesn’t mean yours have to. I’ve told you about the smart machines at GoHealth and their funky app… Now I get to offer you the opportunity to win a one year free membership to GoHealth! How amazing?

Don’t do a Sam: The current GoHealth gym is in Northview. While there are more set to open make sure you can get to this one regularly.

Entering is very easy. All you need to do is comment on this post and tell me how you would utilise the membership far more than I would. I’ll choose my 3 favourite entries and ask GoHealth to choose a winner. Nice and easy! The competition will run for two weeks.  

Disclaimer: I have been gifted with a year’s free gym membership to GOHealth.

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