GoHealth Gym

The GoHealth gym machines are smarter than me… and you.

Gyms. Aargh. Sign your soul away here. Give us all your money. Well done, now you cannot use the facilities until one of our personal trainers walks you through a practical on all the machines. No, he’s only available during week days between 8am and 5pm. Well of course we know you have a job, you’re giving us all the money you make there. The machine’s not working correctly? Are you sure it isn’t you because you missed induction?

Cue me eating a giant chocolate bar in the gym waiting area while I jump up and down on their stupid access card.

GoHealth gym

Thank goodness the new GoHealth gym in Northview isn’t like this. In fact, the GoHealth gym machines are pumped full with smart technology so they’ll tell you how they work and you won’t have to run off and find someone to show you if you forget because the smart screens will give you another quick how to run through. Nice!

The GoHealth brand utilises Technogym technology. It’s a worldwide brand of smart gym equipment which is managed with your Technogym key and the wellness cloud. The wellness cloud is built in to the GoHealth App. When you sign up to GoHealth you also get given you key. The key gives you access to the gym, lockers and also plugs in to all the machines at the gym. The key logs your workouts and, in conjunction with the app, also monitors all your activity inside and outside the gym.

GoHealth gym

This allows you to create and monitor exercise programmes suited to your requirements (you can select what your goal for the day is on the machines). The app and key can also use your smart fitness bands or watches to recreate workouts. So, for example, if you did a run and tracked it via your GPS watch, the machines can mimic that run again on one of their treadmills – copying everything from distance and speed to inclines! How fancy?

I’m also not a fan of dealing with people when exercising and prefer to be left in my head so the GoHealth gym machines are rather ideal.

GoHealth Gym

Disclaimer: I have been gifted with a year’s free gym membership to GOHealth and in return I shall document my fitness journey and give some thoughts on the technology the gym uses. Keep following these posts because I’ll have a membership to giveaway as well! 

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