GOHealth app is so rad

Why the GOHealth app is so rad

I hate being THAT girl who makes excuses but I’m THAT girl. The last few weeks have been insane. I arrived back from a whirlwind London Newy York expedition and had one week to prep for a Showjumping World Cup Qualifier competition. That finished and I had one week before jumping on a plane to head for China.

Between the World Cup Qualifier and my China expedition the first GOHealth gym opened in South Africa. The gym had offered to help me meet my fitness goal of dropping 5kgs and yet, I wasn’t even able to get to the new facility. The great thing about GOHealth though is that they get that sometimes, life just takes over. That is why the GOHealth app is so rad.

GOHealth app is so rad

I’ve told you how it links up with various fitness wearables to track your progress outside of the gym but it does so much more than that. Every week it tracks your “moves”, so even when you aren’t in the country it is still tracking your fitness activities.



For starters you’re able to log every day activities on the app to see how much work you’re doing outside of your workout. Every day activities you can log include things like walking, ironing and cleaning your house!

GOHealth app is so radGOHealth app is so rad

If, like me, you spend a lot of your time doing other sports you can also track those. The app is so inclusive, from canoeing to swimming and, the best part, it even tracks horse riding!

GOHealth app is so rad

When you’re in the gym you can also select goals you might have, like toning. The app will supply you with personalised training programmes to assist with your goals and even allows you to select the time you have to work out so you can customise a work out to suit your schedule (which is ideal if you live a life as crazy as mine):

GOHealth app is so radGOHealth app is so radGOHealth app is so rad

I’m competitive by nature so the biggest reason I think the GOHealth app is so rad is because there is a monthly leaderboard of all the gym members and there move. It’s a challenge to try record enough moves to compete with those currently at the top of the leaderboard. Yes, that’s Sharon from Blessed Barrenness killing it this month!

GOHealth app is so rad

Fitness isn’t about twenty minutes in the gym, it’s about a lifestyle. I really like that GOHealth GETS it. I’m inspired to get into the gorgeous new gym in Randburg when I’m back on South African soil.

Disclaimer: I have been gifted with a year’s free gym membership to GOHealth and in return I shall document my fitness journey and give some thoughts on the technology the gym uses. Keep following these posts because I’ll have a membership to giveaway as well! 


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