Sam and I saw a tweet about NFC flashing nails recently and went absolutely gaga over it. We had to get our hands on it and share this amazing piece of fashion tech with you. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry we’re about to fix that. It’s basically an NFC activated LED light that flashes when you hold it to the back of your smartphone. It’s quite rad and a crowd pleaser.

I tried out Nail Candi’s NFC activated nail chips last week and had a lot of fun doing it.

flashing nails

I was scared that I would mess it up when I opened the little package, but I was silly because it’s actually super easy to get up and running.

This is what the chip looks like – futuristic stuff for sure.

flashing nails

Here’s how to apply it:

First make sure that your nails are clean, no polish, no base coat, no anything. Place the chip on your nail (it has a sticky back, so it stays in place).

flashing nails

Apply your basecoat over your entire nail, including the chip. Then do your nails as you would normally.

When your colour polish is dry, use a little nail brush or an ear bud dipped in nail polish remover and gently remove the polish that’s over the LED light by dabbing it.

Finish off with a top coat and wait for nails to dry properly. I’m way too impatient to wait for my nails to dry properly and it inevitably ends up smudging. Don’t be like me, be better.

This is what it looks like once it’s done. You can barely notice it under your nail polish.

flashing nails

flashing nails

After you have done all this and your nails are dry, you have to activate the NFC functionality on your smartphone. Hold your nail with the LED light against the back of your phone, you’ll see it flashing.

Here’s a picture of my mani…I just wanted to show you…you can carry on reading now.

flashing nails

Mine lasted over a week and that’s only because I redid my nails. It will last as long as you can keep it on your nail. It didn’t do any damage to my nail – bonus!

I thought my nail will flash when I get a call but unfortunately it only flashes when your finger is on the back of your phone, maybe someone will develop that tech soon. It’s still a nifty trick and I was quite sad when I took mine off.

You can get your very own right here at only R45. Not bad at all.

We have a set of NFC nails to give away! Yay! All you need to do is comment on the post and tell us why you should win and then send out a tweet. Easy! Entries close 17 July.

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