I built this blog #likeagirl and I’m proud of it

Building confidence in girls and campaigns motivating them to love themselves are a dime a dozen. My inbox is flooded with them weekly and, while I fully support the idea behind them, sometimes I feel like they’re just a brand jumping on something “topical” to gain some exposure. Maybe that is what Always is doing with their #likeagirl campaign. Maybe I’m fueling for the PR spin machine. But you know what? I am like a girl and I’m proud of it.

We all know the negative connotations fixed to the saying “like a girl”. You run like a girl, you hit like a girl… it insinuates a negative connotation and Always is aiming to stop it.

By now you’ve hopefully read the story of how Tech Girl came about. At the time, South Africa was a space with very little in the form of tech commentary that was accessible to women or girls. There was possibly a handful of tech blogs in existence locally. I wanted a tech blog but I wanted it to be completely and unapologetically LIKE A GIRL. You know what? Sometimes I like things that sparkle, I prefer a phone with a gold or pink finish over plain black or white, I take selfies, I do care if my phone fits in my handbag or my skinny jean pockets… I use technology LIKE A GIRL.

Does it make me “dumb”?

Does it make me any less of a tech blogger than the serious ones who look to analyse specs & keep a professional tone?

Does it make you stupid because you come to the blog and read those stories?


Enjoying gadgets, wanting a bit of glamour and enjoying a giggle does not make you any less smart than the man who thinks the size of a smartphone is inconsequential. Looking for fun content about how tech affects you does not diminish you at all. Behaving LIKE A GIRL is perfectly okay and it is something we, as females, can own as our own. I’m proud that I built this blog LIKE A GIRL.

How are you unstoppable #likeagirl – tell me in the comments below and let us share our stories to inspire a new generation to be proud of who they are! 


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