tap and go

Do you use tap and go?

I remember a few years ago, having to draw cash and ask if a store had a card machine. Now, I never have cash on me. I end up digging around my car for change to pay for parking (thank goodness Rosebank Mall’s parking machines now take cards!).

I feel really silly but I wasn’t aware that tap and go services were available in South Africa. Standard Bank introduced them way back in 2012! Tap and go allows you to simply tap your card and payment goes through. No waiting for a machine to get a signal, waiting for receipts to print or signing them, just tap and, well, go.

I haven’t seen a tap and go machine but apparently there are more than 11 222 devices in stores around South Africa. It’s a great way to pay for food bills or chocolate when you make a late night garage shop stop (I do this a lot. Oops).

Standard Bank is behind this innovation and I asked them a few questions, because I don’t use tap and go and I desperately want to!

tap and go

First off you don’t need a Standard Bank account. If you have a Visa payWave card or contactless-enabled MasterCard® or Maestro® you’re good to go.

I’m really silly and a bit over the top about security. I’m ashamed to admit I refuse to use a banking app on my devices and only have internet banking (laaaame, I know). So how safe is tap and go? It’s so popular overseas but should we be worried?

According to Standard Bank your card has to be within 4cm of the contactless terminal and the merchant must have first entered the amount before you tap your card. There are upper and lower cumulative limits in place so that will force the contactless transaction to go online with PIN, when these limits are reached. The actual contactless technology platforms are based on secure EMV chip technology, which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. Transactions are processed through the same payment network as EMV chip transactions.

Tap and go is already old news though – the next step? Fingerprint identification. I’m pretty sure at some point in the future we’ll end up having our card chips inserted under our skin or some other such crazy tech.

Do you use tap and go?


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