[DIY] Jazz up your chargers & earphones – make multi coloured cables

If you’re an Apple disciple now would be the time to cover your ears. Who thought white cables were a smart idea? Really?!!! (I had to use three exclamation marks to make my point here). There is nothing great about white cables after a month of use. They go grubby and get ugly dirt marks on them.

I find my earphone cables end up  looking less white and more “yuck”. I was pretty excited when I came across this Do It Yourself – multi coloured cables tutorial. I’m not sure where it came from (I’ve searched for a link, was emailed the pic) so I can’t even credit the original creator but wowsa is this genius!

For starters you’ve got fun and funky cables to brighten up your day. This clever craft project is also the perfect way to put old nail varnishes to use before you toss them. Minimal wastage!


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