Joburgers stream the most music

Joburgers stream the most music according to new stats released by SkyRoomLive. Actually, if you take a closer look at these latest facts and figures, Gareth Cliff may have been on to something when he said radio was dead. It seems a stack of local South Africans are streaming 3D and HD performances on their devices, despite the data costs.

SkyRoomLive is a local live streaming internet portal supported by Virgin Mobile. They’ve also partnered up with SABC 1 to run a weekly show that presents highlights of the live performances featured on the portal. It’s a rad way to watch live performances of your favourite musicians but also a neat way to see new talent – both local and international.


Here’s a couple of the stats released by SkyRoomLive founder Eban Olivier that may very well change your perception of how South Africans are using tech:

  • Live streaming performances has increased by 1000% in the last year. The internet is on the rise.
  • Joburgers stream the most music followed by Cape Town and then Polokwane (maybe because they don’t get all that many international acts touring to their part of the country?)
  • Interestingly enough the most common device used to stream was a Blackberry Curve 9320. So the phone manufacturer isn’t all that dead in the water just yet?
  • iRock.com 2014 World ranking for Online Content Providers placed SkyRoomLive at Number 12 on their list. South Africans are using the internet to stream content despite those hefty data charges.
  • No surprises here, the most common streamed genres are Urban and Hip Hop.
  • In August 2014 34.6 Terabytes was used on the SkyRoomLive site by users. That’s the same as 588 200 hours of music or 8600 full length movies.

So what does this all mean? Smart brands like Virgin Mobile SA need to start investing more into online content.

Is traditional media on its way out? 



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