Three ways to make money from your blog

So you have a blog. You want to make money off of it. But how?

Well there are a stack of different options and, with some smart thinking, a host of opportunities you can try out. However, to make it a little bit easier and get you started, here are three really simple and easy ways to make money from your blog:

1. Webfluential


This is possibly our favourite “money making” portal to use. As a blogger you sign up as an “influencer” and link up your social media and Google Analytics accounts to the platform. From there Webfluential is able to calculate your reach and resonance on various channels. You’re then ranked into numbered groups. You’re able to see some of the top rankers in your group and also pull social media analytics (so helpful). Brands and PR Companies use Webfluential to find bloggers or “influencers” to utilise for marketing campaigns. You’re able to specify your interests and topics that appeal to your audience which allows the right brands to find you. Webfluential also assists determining how much to charge for a sponsored post or tweet. So basically you’re only sent possible jobs or campaigns that suit your niche and reader interests. You can also dictate the price. We like Webfluential because you can choose to keep your stats private or share them publicly. They also access your social media accounts for analytics only, if you’re asked to post paid for tweets or Instagram shots you’re doing those yourself and control the whole process.

2. Admarula


So you want to run a couple of banner adverts and maybe a few other click through type ads on your site? Admarula is the best way to do this with the least fuss. They provide the adverts but let you choose sizes and types which suit your platform. You don’t earn money from just banging on a banner though. You’re rewarded for performance, so if people are clicking/registering/buying from your advertisers you make money. You’re once again able to choose to work with brands or companies that suit your niche. It’s an easy way to earn a few extra rands and cents without much actual writing involved.

3. MyScoop


MyScoop is a platform that offers you sponsored post and tweet opportunities. Sometimes you’ll be sent a press release to put on your blog or a particular post that you need to write. Alternatively you can join a Sponsored Tweet campaign. You’re not able to set the amount to charge for potential tweets or blog posts but rather can determine to accept a job based on the payment offered to you. You link your twitter profile to the MyScoop site and, if you choose a particular twitter campaign MyScoop will automatically tweet for you (always be wary of giving this sort of control to any platform though). You can pick and choose which campaigns you accept to do so are able to determine which ones suit your readers. Your analytics aren’t measured so all you need to do is place a tracking code on your blog you’ll be ready to start.

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