Shock! Horror! A bathroom scale we actually LIKE.

Okay, so we’ve gone on and on about wearable tech. We have our doubts, but this one is kind of cool so we had to share.

The Fitbug’s Orb tracks your health information including steps, aerobic steps and time, distance, calories burned, speed and even sleep. What sets it apart? It’s a non-obtrusive little “orb” that comes with a wristband and belt clip but can be clipped underneath your clothing. It’s small, secretive and available in black white and pink. If your phone isn’t compatible with the free Fitbug app there is a USB stick option as well so you can plug it into your PC. It also doesn’t need to be re-charged daily because the batteries can last for 6 months.


 And the best part? The Fitbug Orb works hand in hand with the Fitbug WoW which, and we cannot believe we’re saying this, is a bathroom scale we actually like! It has Bluetooth connectivity and will allow you to wirelessly sync your weight to your mobile device. It’ll then communicate with the Fitbug app and with that information the app can set realistic fitness targets for you.

It’s like having a personal trainer that doesn’t make small talk! The whole family can use the scale because it supports multi-user profiles.

Both Fitbug devices are available at Incredible Connection, Dion Wired and Takealot.com. The Orb will set you back R899 while the WoW costs R1499.

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