Tech Girl EXCLUSIVE – The Glam Screen is coming to South Africa!

A stack of celebrities have been seen out and about with the Glam Screen on their phones and it has been garnering rave reviews. So what is it?

The Glam Screen was developed by Johnathan Cheban (he’s a PR whizz kid and one time bestie to Kim Kardashian). It’s the first of its kind (and currently the best – we can say that because we have our hands on one) HD mirror screen protector. It’s a screen protector but when the backlight of your phone goes off it becomes a HD mirror!


We’ve met with the suppliers and can exclusively confirm that the Glam Screen will be in SA very soon. It gives you a true mirror reflection, we’ve seen a few of the knock offs and now, after playing with the real thing, they don’t compare. When your screen is on it doesn’t block your view at all and has no sticky residue when you pull it off. Most importantly it does protect your screen. The manufacturers are so confident of this that they offer up a LIFETIME guarantee with every Glam Screen purchased. Wish we’d known about this before finding out about the problem with smartphone screens. 

Glam Screens are available for most smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Range, iPhones and iPads.

There a select number of Glam Screens arriving on the first shipment that have been earmarked for Tech Girl and we’re going to be giving them away to you! Excited!


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