Here’s the glorious thing about gadgets – they’re something we, as women, all have in common. For me, Acer’s R7 is ideal to set up as the Starship Enterprise and fly around the office to annoy my colleagues while for an avid baker it is the perfect gadget to set up on the counter, the rotating touch screen allows you to research ingredients and follow a recipe while whipping up a storm. We’re different and yet we are all still so similar – we want something that makes our lives a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Acer’s done just that with their range of laptops and tablets. They paired them up with some cute dresses from Zazen Fashion Design and decided to show them off at the astoundingly beautiful Monaghan Farm.

20140514_130326 20140514_130404

Acer bought together an eclectic mix of women including foodies, dancers, lifestyle bloggers and techies. Despite the vast differences in interests there was one thing we all agreed on:


Head on over to Acer’s website and take a look at the offerings. Let us know in the comment section which Acer product includes a touch of you?

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