VLOG: How to use Cloud On Demand Software


Pricing starts from R70 per month, per user.

What you need to know:

  •  Cloud On Demand offers a local repository of data that the CIA doesn’t have access to
  • The ability to stipulate what folders and files get backed up
  • Backup of your key settings (makes machine swapping easier)
  • Ability to change the CPU and bandwidth usage to match the machine and bandwidth environment you have
  • Full history archive in the Cloud. If you want a word document from November last year, you can pull it down
  • Available in 2 Cloud storage sizes: 20GB and 50GB

 What we think you should know:

Ask any of my friends what I do for a living and they’ll likely just shrug their shoulders. Truth be told, I do a lot of stuff. I run a small consulting business, work at a multinational engineering firm, manage my competitive showjumping horses, and write stuff… there are plenty of balls I’m juggling at any one time. I live via dropbox and USBs. But I’m almost always let down and VERY nervous about safety and privacy. A “free” cloud storage system sounds dodgy to me and I’m never sure if my data is truly safe.

Cloud on Demand offered me the chance to review their software. It’s like dropbox or iCloud but bigger and better. You can also use it across all your devices, no matter the operating system. I tested their “backup” service which, instead of having a single folder that backs up overseas, gives you access to a local repository. This is great for Small Business Owners or freelancers because the pricing is decent, you can use it over all your devices and the “backup” service is just the start.  From Backup you can add on file sharing and file security aspects as your business grows.

One thing – set up on an iPad can be a bit of a bitch. I have done a “how to” video below and what you don’t see is that I set everything up on my Android phone to do the demo only to have the phone’s screen smash. There was a bit of a mission connecting up the iPad. While it took time I have to commend Cloud On Demand, once you email them they do keep you informed and up to date. The iOS issue was reasonably unique to me so don’t let that put you off.

Here’s a quick run through of how Cloud On Demand works as well as the features that will appeal to you:

  So rad:

  • The safety aspect. You know your data is safe.
  • Can be used across all devices and operating systems
  • Can pick and choose files for back up
  • Fantastic customer service

Makes us sad:

  • Dealing with the app and management programme developers when sorting issues can be a bit long winded. Best to go direct to Cloud On Demand.


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