Print your own 3D make up with a Mink printer

We came across this story early this morning and it blew our minds. Yesterday, Grace Choi stood up at TechCrunch Disrupt and made a pretty bold statement. As far as she is concerned the make up industry has been making a fortune off of us (like we didn’t know that already) but that she could change the industry.

And then she did.

According to Choi the ink make up companies use is exactly the same as the ones we use in our colour printers at home. The ink is FDA approved (meaning they should be safe to put on your skin).

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Meet Mink

With this in mind Choi created her own 3D make up printer which she has called Mink. It’ll likely cost about R4000 – R5000 and you’ll be able to print your own make up off colour codes you pull from the net.

Watch this video of Choi’s presentation. We love how driven she is to get this to market.

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