Is it a Tranformer? No it’s Razer’s Ouroboros mouse



What you need to know:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Customisable
  • Advanced Laser Sensor
  • Wired/Wireless technology
  • Online cloud support
  • Runs on a single AA battery

What we think you should know:

Razer’s Ouroboros Elite ambidextrous gaming mouse arrives in a fancy perspex box making it look more like a collectible item than an actual usable gadget. I felt like it looked a bit like a tiny Deceptacon and wanted to add it to my shelf of comic collectables – possibly something frowned upon by serious gamers.

I didn’t though. Instead I set it up and used it. It is an incredible mouse. For starters I have tiny girl hands with short little fingers but the Ouroboros is customisable so I was able to fiddle with it a bit and make it fit my dainty hand. It’s a bit of a mission to start fiddling to make it fit though and you’ll likely have a small heart attack when pieces come off. For a short time I believed I’d possibly got a bit too excited and broken off winged sections. You can also adjust pieces for your palm. It’s a remarkable piece of design.


It gets better though, you can also adjust the mouse to suit sensitivity. So if you’re a heavy clicker you can edit it accordingly to suit your finger habits. This is actually really easy and finding your preference is a quick process. It’s also extremely accurate when adjusting. The side buttons also offer up all sorts of customisable options. You’re able to create a gadget that “fits like a glove”. For a serious gamer this is going to give you the edge over the competition. r2

I keep harping on this point, but from a design aesthetic I loved the sleek look of the Ouroboros. It screams expensive, which it is, but also shouts quality. My only gripe is the green glow, which wasn’t my favourite colour. Many other gaming mice let you choose your colour. Now possibly that isn’t going to play a big role in influencing the decision of hardcore gamers, but for a girl like me who likes pretty lights and matching things up – I’d want more colour options. From a gaming perspective, once customised its performance is out of this world. I’m a recreational ‘not even near average at best‘ gamer but could definitely see a huge difference in my performance when using the mouse while playing Life Goes On and Bioshock Infinite. Mind you, maybe I just felt like taking the games a bit more seriously with the Ouroboros under my hand.

The Ouroboros gives you the option to change between wired and wireless use for when the battery dies and thank goodness it does, because the battery life is questionable at best. There are a host of extra features you can take advantage of but to access them you’ll need to register with Razer online and be prepared to add yet another marketing mail to your inbox each week.


Overall though? This is such an incredible mouse. The way you can tweak and adjust everything was so cool to me, someone who likes the idea of having a “unique” piece of tech. At the price though, I’m not sure I’m the market Razer was aiming at when they released the Ouroboros. This mouse is definitely for hardcore gamers and at the price we may need to add that it is aimed at hardcore gamers with money to blow.

So rad:

  • Sleek design that offers customisation
  • Incredible adjustment to sensitivity

Makes us sad:

  • Questionable battery life
  • The price



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