Gwyneth’s candle one year on: it’s explosive

Bernie Sanders becomes a meme (AGAIN), Wikipedia celebrates a birthday & more!

Below is Bytesized, where Jade Brennan recaps all the best internet memes and fun for the week. Welcome to the second week of our new video format Bytesized. If you’re enjoying it let us know in the comments. Over and above the snippets in the video, a few other bits and pieces are included below as well (in case you missed them).

Here’s some other news – specifically Tech Girl focused, if you’d like to stay up to date: 

Two FIFA players have made South African history by qualifying for the eClub World Championship – they’re the first South African team to do so:

Sam will be hosting the Dreamhack Fortnite Open at the end of January, for those Fortnite fans looking for something fun to watch:

Finally, there’s a giveaway over on the Tech Girl Facebook page if you’re looking for to win yourself something rad:

Masks are a way of life now, but I’m always a bit overwhelmed by which one is the “best” one, which one won’t slip down…

Posted by Tech Girl on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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