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Online Shopping Review: Macro Mixes

Macro Mixes sells healthy baking premixes and porridges

This is probably my fifth or sixth time ordering off Macro Mixes so isn’t a “new” review. But I thought I’d add them to the online shopping reviews because they are an ecommerce site I frequent regularly and order from. I’ve been rather outspoken about my love for the products Macro Mixes offers. They offer a range of baking premixes that are healthy – so think vegan friendly low carb offerings that taste delicious. Their chocolate protein porridge is a staple in my house. I also recently ordered their new Brownie Butter Drizzle, which is actually the focus of this review. I was nervous shipping something in a glass jar, so thought it was the perfect opportunity to review the online store offering from Macro Mixes for you.

Navigating the site

online shopping review

The Macro Mixes site is designed in gorgeous pastel colouring which is easy on the eye. It’s a no fuss ecommerce site. If you’re looking for recipes or content this is easily found by clicking the Home button, but if you just want to get down to business: browsing and buying, the shop section (which you can find by clicking here), is easy to navigate and simple to buy from. You can click on each product to get more info or you can just hover your cursor over the product image and you’ll get all the ingredients and nutritional details you need. In short, you never need to leave the shop page to get details on the products and then add them to your cart.

Checking out and payment

online shopping review

Macro Mixes uses Payfast which is a payment gateway I use on my own site and am familiar with. I like it and find it really easy to utilise. Once you’ve placed your order you’ll get an automated mail from the site and once payment is done you’ll get a mail too. Macro Mixes usually takes one or two days to pack and ship. I’ve found this is dependent on when you order or if they’ve just launched a new product. Some times I get a notification that the order has been dispatched within 24 hours, other times it takes a little longer. But I’ve never waited longer than 3 days. You’ll get a mail that the order has been dispatched with Dawn Wing Couriers. You don’t have the option to over night. My order usually takes around 3 days to arrive after dispatch. Dawn Wing is a weird courier company for me, sometimes the stuff arrives very quickly and other times it takes longer. So I budget on roughly 3 to 4 days if I know Dawn Wing is the courier of choice.

Like I mentioned earlier – I had some concerns about transporting glass jars. This particular order I placed was specifically to stock up on porridge but also to get my hands on the new Brownie Butter Drizzle. When I opened the box the jars had been individually wrapped in plastic and then placed with more cardboard around them to stop any jostling and potential breaking. My order arrived perfectly in tact. Macro Mixes always includes little notes of thanks. All the products are made from materials you can use to create compost at home, so there is also a little “how to” included in the pack.

Final Thoughts

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First off, the Brownie Butter Drizzle is delicious. I also love that Macro Mixes has this awesome online community you can join once you’ve purchased. The Macro Munchers Facebook group is full of great community shared recipes and ideas. There are also regular specials and fun offers for members. It makes you feel like you’re part of a secret family every time you order! The products themselves are fantastic but the small personalisations on your order make all the difference. It is very obvious when opening the item that love and thought went in to boxing it up and sending it off. It’s one of the reasons I continue to go back and order more.

Overall – always a quick and painless experience. I keep going back so it is pretty obvious I’ll suggest using them!

Disclosure: I used my own money to make these purchases and Macro Mixes was not aware I was going to review their offering. 

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