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6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

And they'll cost you NOTHING but some time

I can’t actually take credit for this post. A work colleague sent me a text on the weekend and asked if I’d be willing to share a few of the tech things mentioned below because I had an available platform. I immediately realised that this was a good idea and decided to put this piece together, while adding a few extra tech things of my own that can help people during the Corona outbreak. The best part? None of them are going to cost you much more than some time.

Share your Wifi

6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

If you’re lucky enough to have access to Wifi and are potentially sitting with an uncapped line – why not consider making it available to your neighbours near you who aren’t as lucky. For many, the cost of data is going to be crippling now that they’re forced to work from home… and never mind work, just having a bit of extra entertainment can go a long way to help you stay sane during lock down! If you’re concerned about your neighbours having access to your TV, devices and home data, don’t be. Your router likely allows an option for Guest WiFi connection. Enabling this functionality will mean you can help out your neighbours without worrying about what they’re accessing.

Stop spreading fake news – rather subscribe to the government Whats App Helpline

6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

I think we’ve all been guilty of falling for the fake news somewhere during this pandemic. I know I have. I was ashamed recently when I shared something and then realised it was fake. Since then I’ve decided to be far more aware of the content I’m consuming, where it comes from and whether the information it has is actually factual. A way to make 100% sure you’re getting the correct information is to join the Depart of Health’s COVD-19 CONNECT Whatsapp Helpline. The helpline is also available in Sotho, Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa and English. Anyone can sign up, just send “Hi” to +27 600 123 546 on WhatsApp. You’ll choose the language to get messages in and be able to see FAQ responses as well as NB details you might need.

Have a 3D printer? Help make face shields

6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

Netcare 911 has put out a call to anyone with a 3D printer to assist them with making face shields for medical staff treating patients with Covid-19. There’s a world wide shortage of personal protection gear so you’ll be able to help out here. You need to be in Gauteng and have a 3D Printer that can print PLA which has a build volume of 200 x 200mm. You can access the print settings by clicking here. Netcare will also run a lucky draw for those contributing, with one lucky contributor winning a Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer  sponsored by the 3D Printing Store.

Your graphics card can help find a cure for Corona

6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

If you have a graphics card you can contribute to helping the fight against Corona. I’m going to let Linus Tech Tips explain:


6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

A friend of mine is trying to supply instant relief to those who need it during these difficult times:

Be sure to check the hashtag and see if you can offer help to those looking!

Add a link to the official South African Corona help portal to your website

6 Tech things you can do to help during the Corona outbreak

The Government made this a requirement last week for all domains ending in .ZA – while there is no discussion around what happens if you don’t do it, the idea is to ultimately stop the spread of fake news. Originally I was really annoyed about this because I couldn’t afford a web developer to come in and update everything. However, Christine Powell has added a really helpful tutorial on her site that gives you a step by step explanation on how to do it if you’re on a WordPress blog. It took me all of a 5 minutes to get the link set up. Do the same!

Any other suggestions? Drop them below and lets help each other help the world! 


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