south african esports

South African produced esports shows you can watch during lock down

With South Africa in Lock Down there is no opportunity to go outside to activities or even watch sport. So people are all on the search for something to do. There’s lots of press around the “boom” of esports, which is all well and good, but no one is really sharing where the local good stuff is. A lot of my friends have been working on awesome esports events across a host of titles. I decided to put them all together and share what they’re doing and where to watch with Red Bull.

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Below is an image that links to an article I wrote for Red Bull that highlights various South African community esports events currently running that you can either compete in or watch and support. I’ve covered the fighting games community, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Sim Racing. Take a look and hopefully you find something awesome to watch:

south african esports


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