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7 best practices for working from home

I’ve been working from home for 3 years now. When I started it was on my then dining room table in a flat share with a friend. My office was a combination of the kitchen and lounge (as the dining room table was slap bang between the two) and I’d need to go work on my bed when it was time to charge my laptop. Fast forward a few years and I think I’ve got the working from home thing down. I’ve worked out a good schedule, understand that I need to set boundaries between work and play as well as know when it is time to switch off.

For some folks, working from home is very new

In the past few months the world has been rocked by the rapid spread of Corona. Many people have been forced to now work from home and it is a completely new and somewhat daunting experience. I get that. I think the routine and security of an office with set working hours is something you get used to – suddenly being on your own and responsible for how you do things can be a little too much to handle.


I can help you with some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt – which include NOT waking up and turning your computer on straight away (trust me, you’ll end up working 15 hour days) or making sure to not put the TV on for a “small break” (you’ll fall down a Netflix binge rabbit hole that you won’t come back from). However, I’ve actually got one better. The Logitech team have written a short 7 page ebook to help you along. They’ve listed the 7 best practices for transitioning to remote work. The book not only includes helpful advice to help you get comfortable working from home but also personal anecdotes from Logitech team members around the world. The chapters cover things like setting reminders, transitioning times, creating a work space, embracing the unknown and even a chapter of why pants really aren’t all that important.

If you want to get your free copy of The 7 best practices for transitioning to remote work you can download it, for free, by clicking here. You can also click the image below to link to the book and then save to your PC. If you have any working from home tips, feel free to share them in the comments below as well!

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