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PUBG Mobile in South Africa getting traction

I’ve got a soft spot for PUBG after working on PUBG Europe League last year. Analysing the game on the desk has really made me appreciate the intricacies of playing at the top level and because of that I’ve been following PUBG News much more closely. There’s been a host of PUBG Mobile updates recently. Last week I shared some of the updates the game was pushing. This week I’m building on that a little bit with even more PUBG Mobile news. Tencent Africa who handles PUBG Mobile in South Africa released a bunch of news yesterday about how the game is moving in to universities and offering up bursaries.

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There’s a lot of content on the internet around the bursary exercise, but the most concise is this article that appeared on GQ online. Was also pretty cool to be able to contribute to it with some thoughts. There are a host of competitive PUBG Mobile events popping up. Most of them are online (which is a good thing considering Corona) but I’d love to see some LAN events later in the year if possible (though the logistics of getting 16 teams of 4 set up can be difficult). Because of the growing interest in competitive play and the popularity of the mobile game – I decided to chat to my good friend and work colleague Martin “Avnqr” Gøth to help wannabe pro players to get better.

He shared a host of tips for pro PUBG Mobile competitors with me for an article I did for Red Bull. You can read the full article by clicking the image:

pubg mobile


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