Herman Miller x Logitech G

Herman Miller and Logitech G are joining forces to make gaming chairs

Two top brands are coming together to make “Ergonomic Excellence” in Gaming, with global furniture geniuses Herman Miller joining forces with premium peripheral brand Logitech G to finally make a gaming chair you want to sit on.

Before we get in to this it is important for me to highlight that I am partnered with Logitech G here in South Africa and do work closely with them (consider this a disclosure of sorts).

I’ve been eyeing out Herman Miller for close on a year now. I even added them to a Holiday gift guide last year. I was one of the fools that fell for the Gaming Chair hype when they first started being released a few years ago. At the time a few people told me not to be stupid and fall for it, someone on twitter actually told me to rather look at Herman Miller but, of course I didn’t listen. Fast forward one brand deal, one gaming chair and a few years later and I’m sitting with a chair I have to work in every day that I don’t find all that comfortable and one that is a bitch to keep clean. Oh, how I’ve learnt.

So why am I getting excited about Gaming Chairs again?

Herman Miller x Logitech G

Herman Miller are have been around since 1905 and lead the pack when it comes to incredible office furniture. They’ve perfected the understanding of a bum in a seat for a long period of time needs a certain kind of support. Obviously I’m Logitech G’s biggest supporter. They are THE brand to beat when it comes to gaming peripherals. I think there is something amazing when you put together Logitech G’s design, engineering expertise and gaming experience with Herman Miller’s “Science of Sitting.”

The brands have spoken about the collaboration and say they’ll be researching, designing and manufacturing high performance furniture together. They’re also incorporating feedback from TSM, NaVi and Complexity in their first offering – a gaming chair which should be launched towards the end of the year.

Yes, there’s more…

Herman Miller x Logitech G

In all the announcements for the partnership there is a lots of talk of “the first product of this partnership” so I’m thinking this might not only be gaming chairs on offer? We’ll have to wait and see though.

Off topic now, do you have a gaming chair? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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