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Do you have an iPhone 11? Then read this!

I’ve been trying a new style with my YouTube videos to try see what people like or don’t like. This is part of that “experiment” if you will. Late last year I got my hands on an iPhone 11. This isn’t my phone. It was a review unit lent to me, my phone fell out of my pocket last week and gave me a New Years present of a smashed screen…. yay. Anyway, I digress: I had the iPhone 11 for a few days and immediately started playing with the camera, as I’d been told that was the big upgrade from my current iPhone XS.

In this video I share some iPhone 11 photography tips and tricks. The camera on the iPhone 11 is definitely a jump up from the XS and I’m kind of jelly I don’t have it in my content creation arsenal, which is saying a lot because usually I’m not too phased. If you are lucky enough to have the latest model from Apple then watch the video and get some ideas on how to improve your instagram game. Also, please be sure to let me know what you think in the comments on the video. I’m always looking for feedback!


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