5 ways games can improve your life in 2020

I realised this week that I didn’t really set “New Year Resolutions” as such. I mean, I committed to learning to play the Ukulele but other than that, I hadn’t really set out to change much. But I do want to spend 2020 focusing on being a better person. In the sense that I’d like to cultivate certain behaviours that elicit positive attributes or skills. So when I stumbled on this video from Logitech G it resonated with me. I suppose at this point I should mention that I am partnered with Logitech G in South Africa. Now that we’ve got that out of the way:

The video is narrated by Louise Blain, who has an incredible voice. It features a host of different video game footage and then showcases 5 ways games can improve your life in 2020. I watched the video and went through the various “life lessons”. I tried to think of the recent games I’ve played that have really highlighted those lessons or taught me those skills. It was a really fun process and I proceeded to write it down. Here’s my thinking, I was able to link each lesson to a game I played and I thought you’d like to as well. Here’s the video I’m referencing:

Right, so let’s get in to the 5 ways games can improve your life in 2020 and which ones helped me a bit:

Teaching you patience and perseverance

For me, Mario Maker was the game that best highlighted this lesson for me. I remember when I first started playing it I was on a stream and no matter what I did I couldn’t get past the one section of a level in the game. I struggled so much because I had to catch a star, run and jump through a bunch of those chomping plants and make sure I timed every jump perfectly because missing it once meant time ran out and I lost a life. It was a struggle, but I kept at it, dying a lot. I still remember the moment I got past and the pure joy I felt. It was a lesson that no matter how hard something seems, you can over come it.

Get fit with VR

I’m actually in the process of setting up Beat Saber on my Playstation so I can jam this one at home. I absolutely LOVE Beat Saber and whenever I can play it somewhere I’ll spend hours jamming. It’s a pretty decent work out too which I enjoy. I’ve also got Nintendo Ring Fit that I’ve heard offers a similar “work out” so I’ll try that soon. But for now Beat Saber is definitely my fitness fun go to. I might even stream it soon!

Learn coping strategies with Resi

I avoid horror games at all costs because I just don’t like the way they make me feel, but it doesn’t matter I haven’t played a game that made me feel extremely uneasy and that I needed to push through that emotion and keep playing. For me, that game was Sea of Solitude. The game sees you playing as Kay. She has this immense loneliness and darkness surrounding her that materialises in the form of dark monsters. It made me so anxious and uneasy. It was a really tough game to play.

Be Calmer

Watch The final battle! from techgirlza on www.twitch.tv

So many games are high intensity, gun fights and craziness. But for me, the game that helped me “Be Calmer” was definitely Pokemon Shield. Most of the more than 40 hours I played were spent casually walking through various areas or cuddling Pokemon. The game forces you to slow down and just enjoy the process. It definitely helped to calm me and I was so sad when I was done! Off topic, anyone else super hyped for the upcoming DLC? I definitely am!

Time Management and Organisation

Watch Rainy night stream for a change! from techgirlza on www.twitch.tv

Borderlands is one of those series that can just suck you in if you’re not careful. You’ll be so caught up in looting and side quests you’ll never really move forward in the story so you have to have a bit of a plan going in. I definitely think it helped me better appreciate Time Management and prioritising missions. That’s the thing about video games, they’re filled with lessons and actually help teach you life skills, it isn’t all just fun and shooting.

I really liked this exercise of figuring out which games have helped me improve my life and also thinking about which other ones might be coming out that can also amplify these life lessons.

Take a look at the 5 ways games can improve your life and let’s have a bit of fun – list your five games in the comments that you think have helped you with these various skills or taught you lessons? Let’s see which games have had a big influence on all of us.

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