Blogger launches necklace range inspired by depression

I love supporting people’s rad hustles and this is a pretty rad hustle. South African mommy blogger Maz from Caffeine and Fairy Dust recently had a small human. She has been rather open about her struggle with postnatal depression. Even before the baby, Maz shared a lot of her own insecurities and mental health issues on her blog – which I think helps so many of us realise we aren’t mad, or strange or different to many of the people around us. We’re all struggling. Maz also chats a lot about how the world of social media takes its toll on her. This is something that really eats at me and so I appreciate her being candid and open about it. While it hasn’t helped me deal with my own demons, it does make me feel somewhat less alone.

In the midst of PND, Maz found inspiration. She designed necklaces during her down days to remind herself that she is a survivor. The gorgeous necklaces are now for sale.

There are 5 designs each available in rose gold and silver. The necklaces have a little bit of kick ass humour included to lift you up. Take a look:

“Look Alive is inspired by resting bitch face and all the old uncles telling you how pretty you’d be if you smiled.” I freaking love the explanation behind this one.

This is my absolute favourite from the collection. It says “Don’t Worry About The Bitches.”

This one offers a beautiful pick me up in the darker days. It will be better tomorrow.

A naughty twist on an old favourite – this necklace is engraved with C’est La Fuckin’ Vie.

The final necklace in the collection is a nod to the brand Maz has built and a reminder that there is a little bit of magic (and caffeine) behind every strong woman.

The necklaces vary in price. You’re looking at anything from R190 to R360 depending on whether you choose to get your necklace in silver or rose gold and also depending on the length of the chain. I haven’t ordered one yet but I do plan to. I’ll be able to give more insight in to how the necklaces look “in real life” and speak about quality once I’ve done so. But I wanted to share regardless because I think it is a really fun range. There’s also something special in how Maz has supported other female creators in making these pieces. She used Tora Grace to do the manufacturing and packaging and also got Shante Hutton Photography & Tapestry to do the marketing photos. So you’re basically supporting three female entrepreneurs when you purchase a piece. I love that vibe!

If you want to buy a necklace, click here. Also, if you know of other inspiring female creators and entrepreneurs making rad stuff let me know. I’m always on the look out for awesome!

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