Everyday things millennials don’t use anymore

I am so excited. I have taken a long weekend off and I plan to do as much relaxing and reading as possible. Not to make you jealous or anything but I have taken Friday and Monday off so my long weekend officially starts now. And now for Bytesized.

Everyday things millennials don’t use anymore

You’re a millennial if you were born between 1981 and 1996, I was born in 1984 so I am part of the generation that one person claimed spends their money on Avocado toast and that’s why they don’t have money to buy houses. When it’s not Avo season, Avos at Woolies are expensive but not house expensive. Although when Trevor Noah asked Oprah about things she does because she has wealth, she said she bought an Avo farm because Avos are so expensive.

Here are a few everyday items that millennials don’t use anymore 

  • Bars of soap – apparently we think it leaves way too many germs behind after each wash. I do love Dove though
  • Doorbells – we just message and say “Here”
  • Fabric softener – I don’t use fabric softener on clothes but that’s because my BF does the laundry in our house. When I asked him, he said he doesn’t use it either. I do sometimes put a lavender-scented refill in my car and use it as an air freshener.
  • Paper serviettes – we prefer paper towels. I use paper towels and paper serviettes and I’m a millennial… now what?


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Popsockets for your coffee?

I use a PopSocket on my phone and I can’t imagine what I would do without it. I would probably drop my phone a lot. But now you can get a PopSocket to hold your beverages. Is this genius or marketing gone too far?

Don’t look here if you don’t want to smile

If you need to smile, start clicking next on the Instagram post to see the cutest animal puns, my favourite being T-Rest.

Instagram gets serious about selling quick-fix diet products and promoting plastic surgery

Posts like this will not be shown to under 18s and if you’re over 18, you can report them. If you need body positivity inspiration, here are some people you can follow. 

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FUCK YES @instagram 💃🏽 are we all ready to hit that report button and see Flat Tummy Tea posts disappear for good?! From now on any posts promoting bullshit "miracle" diet products or cosmetic procedures won't be shown to under 18s, and if you're over 18 you can click report and the post should be taken down. This is MAJOR and will hopefully protect so many young people from the ways these companies normalise disordered eating and make millions convincing us to see our bodies as problems. If you're at the show tonight we'll be shouting our "FUCK DIET CULTURE"s extra extra loud. Thank you @jameelajamilofficial @i_weigh and @neda for working with Instagram to make this happen. And to every single person in this community who's ever spoken up, called this shit out and laid the groundwork for these conversations to even be possible. You all made this happen, and we're just getting started. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 • [Image description: an headline of an article that reads "Instagram is restricting posts that promote weight loss products. Posts about "laxative" diet teas and lollipops will no longer be shown to everyone" with a photo of Kim Kardashian sucking an appetite suppressant lollipop] #dietculture #suckit #bodypositivity #edrecovery

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