Getting married? This local wedding gift site might be cool

Wedding registries are pretty common at most home decor stores both online and at physical retail spots. But, they can also be a headache. I, for one, am super guilty of waiting till the last minute to buy a gift and then I end up running into a store or going online and being left with salad servers or a big spend item I can’t afford. Also the most awkward one for me is when a couple asks for cash. There’s something kind of weird about putting money in an envelope and arriving on the big day hoping that said envelope doesn’t disappear, or worse: asking for EFT details before the big day. Also how much do you give? What’s the “right” amount?

That’s why Wrapistry interested me. It’s a South African portal that works as an online registry with everything in one place. You’re able to shop from a host of different stores online including Le Creuset, Jamie Oliver and Alessi. There’s more than 50 brands to choose from so the wedding couple won’t be spoilt for choice. They create their registry and then wedding guests can purchase on the site – Wrapistry then delivers all the items to one address (for free). It also offers up the opportunity to thank guests via the portal.

My favourite part though? Group gifting.

This allows you to pair up online with other guests to purchase those “big ticket” items, rather than having to jump into whats app groups and arrange EFTs etc. I really want to be able to get something special for friends that are tying the knot but my budget doesn’t always equate to what they want so I think this group gifting idea is great!

There’s also the opportunity to add experiences to your wedding registry over items.

The experiences idea is an interesting one for me. These days most couples already live together before getting married (or have their own places) so the idea of needing new pots or a knife set is kind of silly. Experiences allow guests to contribute towards cool adventures or something fun like a cooking class (jokes, I don’t think cooking is fun). There’s also a cash gifts option if you want cash contributions. Guests can pay them to Wrapistry and the couple can then withdraw the money into their bank account at any time.

The site is cool and the concept interesting. Which is why I’m sharing. The company has also seen investment from Brett Dawson, who is the ex-CEO of Dimension Data. He is mentoring and investing in the new business. I’m always keen to showcase new South African businesses and ideas and, as someone who likes to just purchase stuff online and take the hassle out of the purchase process – Wrapistry looked like something I’d want to use, as a wedding guest. So take a look and let me know what you think? 

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