3 South African female entrepreneurs you need to check out

I tend to do posts like this every few months. I want to share awesome things I’ve found or people who I think are doing impressive things. In the last few months I’ve worked with 3 South African female entrepreneurs and they’ve all assisted me in some way. I really want to share what they do with you because I’m a big believer in supporting other females trying to find their own way in the business world. Also, I’ve had such great service from each of them and good service deserves to be rewarded.

I want to be clear – I’ve paid all 3 of these ladies with my own cash dollar. So I was a normal paying client and I’ve seen how other normal paying clients are treated: bottom line THESE LADIES ROCK. Hopefully you may be able to utilise their services as well! Let me explain:

FabuFit – Wardah Hartley

Wardah and I have been friends for some time. She recently decided to become her own boss and turn her fitness passion into her job. She started with at home personal training which I took advantage of before my trip to the Ukraine for Season 3 of Overwatch Contenders Europe 2018. Wardah would come to my house 3 times a week and train me. We worked with the space we had. This meant running up flights of stairs and using them for various exercises as well as doing a lot of work with exercise bands and the like. I saw an immediate difference and FELT different. I felt good! When I left for Europe Wardah assisted me with custom workouts I could do in the flat (because it was way too cold to go outside). In 2019 Wardah opened her own gym in Morningside. It is an incredible space with classes twice a day. I do personal training sessions at the gym. Wardah’s classes are fun and female only. She also now offers personal online training which is a bit more cost effective if you can’t get to the gym. I utilised this service while overseas and was able to keep my fitness up and still remain strong on return. If you want to find out more information head on over here and drop Wardah a mail.

Illustrations – PixelSenpai

Jo actually writes some rad content here on the blog but her “bill payer” is her design work. She is a full time illustrator who does incredible work. Think custom designed art pieces, illustrations and possibly even tattoo designs (I actually don’t know if she does this but I’m dropping it in regardless. I commissioned a bunch of Twitch emotes from PixelSenpai and I love them. Take a look:

She does a host of amazing work and the image after I introduced her showcases some of her latest illustrations. She’s really good and can also do some graphic design if needed. She’s a great lady to help you if you’re a streamer or content creator looking to add a little spunk to your channels but I think she could also do amazing custom pieces for you. So if you’d like to find out more head on over to her Twitter account and drop a DM.

Yoga – Sheena Bagshawe

I’ve always wanted to do yoga but I’ve been terrified to enter a studio. I was always a bit nervous that I have the co-ordination of a newborn elephant attempting to stand for the first time. Sheena is a qualified Yogi and does at home training sessions. So she’ll come to your house and practice yoga with you. For a complete beginner it was ideal. For starters she could work around my insane schedule but she was also able to take a complete beginner and begin to guide me, at my pace. I really enjoyed our sessions. Unfortunately because of time commitments I’ve missed out on yoga since the start of 2019 but I’m definitely joining a weekly class from April. Conveniently for me, Sheena also does weekly classes at various studios so you can sign up for those as well. If you want to find out more information contact her here.

I really hope one of these lovely ladies will be able to assist you on your spiritual, fitness or creative journeys. They’ve each played a significant role in mine and I absolutely love what they offer up. If you know of other women offering amazing services or small businesses please share them in the comments below – I’d love to check them out! 


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