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This life hack app is so bad that it’s good

One of my favourite past times is browsing the app store to see if there are any new or noticeable apps that I should check out. About a week ago, Google Play suggested I check out Crumblyy and I am so glad that I did. It is amazing but probably not for the reasons it would like to be. Crumblyy is an app that gives you useful facts, life hacks and DIY tips.

Don’t ever give me (or anyone else for that matter) a gift wrapped in a chip packet.

Its layout is like Pinterest, but you can swipe between cards in the app. You also get to decide which topics interest you and can click through on some cards to articles. I was all for this app until I saw some of the tips and life hacks. I love QI and get a kick out of correcting people who utter facts they think are correct but are not. For example, the Great Wall of China is NOT the only man-made structure that can be seen from space and the red juice that oozes out from meat isn’t blood (I know I sound awful but I promise I am a nice person – Things not nice people say).

“With Crumblyy you will never fall short of useful life hacks that will help you stay ahead of the crowd.” And here is a collection of my favourites.

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Terrible advice

Nothing says I love you more than getting it inked into your skin that can only be fixed with expensive and painful laser treatment or a much larger cover-up (just ask Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson). Double points if you surprise your significant other with this true testament to love.

crumblyy boyfriend hack

This next one is so obvious and I honestly do this all the time. After a dinner party, the dishes go into the dishwasher and those that can’t go in the sink until the next day.

crumblyy party hack

It will just look like you put your jewellery on a toilet roll that you decided to either cover in glitter or paint. Either way, not great.

terrible jewelry hack

Now I know that the hack below is BS because I once had a second-degree sunburn and bathing in black tea did nothing to help or soothe the pain. After my appendix, this is the most pain I’ve been in. Standing up and sitting down was quite the task and painful AF.

terrible advice for sunburn

How NOT to get that job. Also, Trump has been Time’s Person of the Year so let’s not all jump on that bandwagon.

cv hack

Brilliant hacks that I’m kind of sad I didn’t think of first

This flat tyre hack is brilliant. Just don’t send the same pic to the same person twice.

crumblyy car hack

The next time you’re in a bar fight, remember this hack.

crumblyy throwing a punch

But it’s not all bad, here are some that are useful and actually work

I know this works because in the summer I do this all the time.

keep wine cool hacks

This seems like it would work. Check out your app store for siren sounds.

walking alone hack

And lastly, if you are struggling with your own tantrums or need to let off some steam, start ripping up some newspapers.

anger monkey hack

Should you download Crumblyy?

Despite some of the questionable advice, I still have this app on my phone AND while I usually turn off all notifications, I’ve kept them on for Crumblyy because it makes me laugh every day. I am not sure how long I’ll keep this on my phone for, but it is a great way to cheer myself up.

Get it on Android. Sorry iOS users, this one isn’t for you.

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