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Airbnb Luxe – because regular Airbnb just isn’t fancy enough

On Wednesday Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp had some issues. We weren’t able to download pictures on Whatsapp and when you tried to post pictures to Instagram, it gave an error message. I got angry with my internet provider and reset the router like four times before realizing that Insta was down. If you ever want to know if a site is down, check out downdetector.com or just check Twitter. And now this…

Instagram influencers pay double for ice cream

Influencers have been given a bad name by a few bad apples recently. The owner of this ice cream truck has had enough of being asked to be paid in exposure and made the sign below.

Talking about influencers at work and I asked what was smaller than a nano influencer and the answer is pico. BRB while I update my social media bios and LinkedIn skills.

Girlboss launches a LinkedIn for millennial women

CEO of Girlboss,  Sophia Amoruso has launched a website for women to interact with peers on a professional and personal level. I tried signing up for it (and was really excited because my chosen username would still be available) but you need a US cellphone number to activate it.

girlboss linkedin

Airbnb Luxe: for when regular Airbnb isn’t fancy enough

According to the site, Airbnb Luxe offers pristine, expertly designed homes with luxury amenities, services, and a dedicated trip designer.

I checked out Airbnb Luxe for Cape Town and prices start at R5k per night but are usually around the R10k+ per night mark. I did find one that goes for R75k a night and it come with a butler and chef.

airbnb luxe cape town


And now this…


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