Behind the scenes of the European Smash Ball Cup 2019

I was in Amsterdam recently for the European Smash Ball Cup 2019. I had the chance to host the European finals, with the winning team now getting the opportunity to head to the World Championships at E3 later this year. It was such a rad event and I had so much fun. I think this Instagram post pretty much sums up my emotions:


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At the start of 2019 I wasn’t sure if esports work would still be a thing for me. My Overwatch contract had come to an end & the Esports bubble in ?? had burst. I ended all my sponsorships. I was so scared that I’d be hunting for a desk job soon. But the last two months I’ve been able to travel the world and do what I love. This past weekend working on #supersmashbrosultimate and hosting the #SmashBall2019 European Cup was a huge highlight for me. The community was so welcoming and @nintendoeurope team is such a pleasure to work with. Everyone is so passionate about a brand they and I love. I’m really proud of the show we put on for the fans and loved every moment of working & highlighting these incredible players. I found myself in esports broadcasting because I wanted to tell the stories of the players and I had the opportunity to do that this weekend. Sitting at the airport this morning I’m so fulfilled and really want to do more to highlight the fun games I’ve had a chance to work on recently. I also really need to shout out @wardahfabufit & @xoxohairstudio for helping this Tom boy feel confident in her own skin and on stage. Right, long soppy post done! Let’s fly home ? ? @savescreen ? @willie_grosset #nintendoswitch #supersmashbros #esports #gamer #girlgamer #loveyourself #esports

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Every time I have the opportunity to work at these incredible events I do try take you with me. This time I was a lot more focused at the job at hand but did manage some behind the scenes vlog content. I’m trying something a bit new with these vlogs and showing more of the work involved. It means I chat a bit more to the camera, so the vlogs are a little longer but, I hope, a bit more interesting. Take a look at my behind the scenes vlog:

This is a bit of a weird one but I am really starting to feel like I’m coming in to my own style wise as well. Like, it took me a long time to figure out what my style was but I feel like I’m getting to grips with what makes me feel comfortable on stage while still looking presentable. It sounds so odd for a girl to be saying this, but I literally live in sweat pants at home so this is like a big “thing” for me.

I have another trip lined up soon and I’ll definitely be vlogging that as well. I really hope you’re enjoying these behind the scenes vlogs and, if you are, please comment on them and let me know so I can keep making them!




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