My thumb selfie sucked & other internet news

And so our streak of 4 days or fewer work weeks have come to an end. It was good while it lasted and I really enjoyed all the fake Fridays. Those were my favourite. As I put on my big girl shoes and prepare for next week by going away for the weekend with my mom and sibling, here’s what you may have missed on the interwebs this week.

Voting & stuff

Thumb selfies: Every time we have an election you can expect to see 1000’s of thumb selfies but what I really liked about this year, was that people started commenting on the state of manicures ala Fashion Police style. I myself had a thumb with purple chipped nail polish. What really cracked me up, was when this article was published on how to shut up trolls with manicure tips!

Go ahead! Give me your best insults and/or manicure tips 😛

Canvassing: Also, I had a serious case of FOMO, because I didn’t receive a call from Musi or an SMS from Cyril.

Funny AF & not what you expected

These tweets get it. If you’re looking for humour that takes a dark term, check out Anthony Jeselnik’s new Netflix special Fire in the Maternity Ward. It’s brutal but hilarious.


GOT and that Starbucks cup

The internet has really been hating on this season of Game of Thrones but I actually enjoyed episode 4. Sure a coffee cup made its debut, but other than that I thought it was good. And this is probably a REAL unpopular opinion.

Checkers has LEGO-like collectables and I’m so excited because I have a reason to buy more OddBins  food

When Checkers brought out their mini products I tried to get my chinchilla to hold them so that I could take pictures (who doesn’t want to see a chinchilla holding a mini Domestos bottle?) but that didn’t work out. I still have to plant my veggies but when I heard about Little Checkers, I knew I needed this. I lurve LEGO and this is kind of like LEGO.

  • for every R200 spend, you get a building block pack
  • you can buy extensions, and after seeing my friend’s yesterday, I too will spend the R80 to get the Checkers’ storefront

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