The best of the #WooliesWaterChallenge

South Africans are bringing their A game. Last week we had My f** Marelize and this week we have the #WooliesWaterChallenge. The more I watch it, the funnier it gets. And the reactions are amazing. In other news, Instagram and Facebook went down and Twitter reacted in the best way possible. All this and more in this week’s edition of Bytesized.

 ?Instagram & Facebook went down and Twitter was where it was at

?Amalgamate. Photosynthesis.

Woolworths wasn’t having the best of times but that all changed when these guys drank some Woolies water.

But this is by far my favourite…

?This is what a click farm looks like

Of course, I’m a farmer. I’m a click farmer m***** f***** – Tropic Thunder

Get a LEGO minifigure head to match your emotions

Quartzy has put together a LEGO minfigure head that matches your emotions. Set the slider and voila, you get LEGO-fied. These results are based on 37k data points collected on about 1,600 LEGO Faces.

lego me slider

And this is how I would look.

lego me result

? Here’s why it is OK to like your own posts


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