Fortnite fun in Durban – here’s what went down

As you know by now I’m on the road a lot this month so I’m periodically dropping in to share some stuff. We’ll be back to daily blog posts in April. For now though, here’s a quick update on what happened this past weekend. I headed down to Durban to host the Galaxy Gaming Challenge at Gateway Shopping Centre.

I spent the weekend hosting a casual esports competition that allowed competitors to play Fortnite Mobile in a kill race type set up. The highest score at the end of the weekend walked away with a phone. It was so much fun. Granted, my Fortnite skills need some work. I really didn’t know you don’t get backpacks in Fortnite to carry more loot – WHAT?! Apex for life man. My lack of Fortnite game knowledge aside (which has now changed, by the way, courtesy of this weekend) – it was so much fun meeting all the Fortnite fans and chatting gaming all weekend.

I got home on Sunday night and have two days to chill. Wednesday midday I jump on another plane and head to Tokyo, Japan with Netflix for a little something special. I’ll be sure to vlog that experience but for now, here’s my weekend vlog from last week. Let me know what you think of my shout casting skills at the end?


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