Is this the best legend to play in Apex Legends? (If you’re a n00b)

I need to admit something: I’ve been pretty obsessed with Apex Legends for the past few weeks. I’ve been less than complimentary about other battle royale games but this one is just… fun. I find it well made and I enjoy the gameplay with friends. Apex Legends drops you and two friends in to a Battle arena. You loot for weapons and supplies and battle other squads. The premise is simple: stay alive and be the last team standing.

Before you begin you’re able to choose a “Legend” to play with. This is a specific character with a host of different abilities. A few weeks ago I wrote a post for Redbull about the best legends to select and play with if you’re a complete n00b. You can read that post by clicking here. Since I wrote that article I’ve been playing even more and I really think Bangalore is THE perfect Legend for n00bs to play.

Here’s why:


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