This toy is a better investment than stocks or gold

Between load shedding and the rain, traffic this week hasn’t been fun. What usually takes me 25 minutes took me 1h20m. Needless to say, I was late for work that day. But today is Friday and that means it’s time for Bytesized where you’ll find out what toy is a better investment than gold and stocks, how Valentine’s Day can be brutal, new emoji coming to your phone and more.

🧞People have a lot to say about the genie in the live-action remake of Aladdin

Aladdin is getting a live-action remake and while I’ll always love the original, I’m definitely going to watch this version. The trailer revealing the genie dropped during the Grammys and people have a lot to say about Will Smith as the Genie. But my favourite responses are the ones below.

😁New emoji for 2019

We are getting 59 new emoji this year + 171 variants of gender and skin tone but the ones I care about are the sloth, the pinching hand and the period emoji.

The pinching hand will be used to comment on penis size.

the pinching hand emoji

The period is actually the result of a campaign that wants to smash the stigma surrounding menstruation.

the period emoji

The sloth because sloths are awesome.And if you really want to embrace the way of the sloth, there is a book you can read to do exactly that. 

the sloth emoji



⚡Eskom shed its load (again)

I usually don’t share stuff if I can’t see the source, but this made me laugh out loud and makes sense. I’ll try this at work – but don’t worry instead of 8 stages I’ll only have 4 (I’m not a monster).

💔 Valentine’s Day can be brutal

💰New retirement plan: buy LEGO & sell it

Apparently second hand LEGO is a better investment than stocks or gold. There is a market for buying second hand LEGO and if you have the goods you can make some serious cash. This is good news for me because so far I have a t-rex, the whomping willow from Harry Potter, Chewbacca and Wonder Woman brickheadz and a unicorn. Also, it’s worth mentioning I’m not a financial advisor.

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ICYMI: how many books can you read in a year? 

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