How many books can you read in a year?

Hello, February 2019. Januworry is now behind us and I’ve already had my first adulting moment of 2019. We had just discovered that you can get up to 30% off Checkers and Dischem vouchers if you use ebucks. I don’t and so I wondered where I could redeem my UCount points. I was delighted to discover that Wine of the Month was a partner. But instead of buying a few bottles of expensive and most probably delicious wine, I made the grown-up choice and am going to transfer those points into my savings account. And now for this week’s Bytesized.

?Food porn

Ads during the Superbowl are kind of a big deal in the US. So much so that a 30-second ad slot can cost $5m (R68m). But this year, one ad created by a South African has gone viral. The topic? Food porn.

?Dr Phil

I’ve got no idea why my interest in watching Dr Phil was revived (the last time I watched this was while doing my Masters back in 2007. That was a good year for local TV as I also got into Days of our Lives). I started following him on Twitter, watched a few YouTube videos and then found a way to watch full episodes (DailyMotion) because I just had to.

I will admit some of the episodes are Jerry Springer-esque, but Dr Phil has a team of professionals and offers them help so it’s not all bad. My favourite part is when entitled teenagers come on and think they can outsmart Dr Phil. He has an amazing way of putting people in their place.

He also has a new podcast, Phil in the Blanks. I’ve only listened to one episode so far – the one with Dax Shepard, but I’ve already subscribed and will definitely listen to more.


The easiest way to break up any squad


There is no need to worry

Guess what? I’m so stoked!!!

Can’t stop laughing at this…

?Find out how many books you can read in a year

Every year you can set your reading goal on Goodreads but how do you know if it’s even possible? The reading test below will calculate how many books you can read in a year and how many minutes a day you would need to read to reach that goal. I apparently read faster than 43% of the Great British Public and could read 34 books per year. If you’re looking for books to read, check out the TechGirl Book Club.

Take the test below

  1. Read a short excerpt
  2. Answer three questions (if you get any wrong, you have to read another excerpt)
  3. Get your score and tweet score to feel super smart 🙂

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