NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

The NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 – the Nerf blaster for the adults!

Between my brother and I we have 4 NERF Blasters. Now 5 if you add the our NERF Rival to the mix. I nearly lost my mind earlier this year when it was announced that Overwatch blasters would be coming to stores courtesy of NERF. Since then Fortnite weapons will also get the NERF treatment. I realise these are kids toys and you might be wondering what I’m on about but NERF guns are way cooler than just kids toys. Especially the new Rival range.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

I’m currently playing with the NERF Rival Apollo XV-700. I imagine when Reaper’s Overwatch blaster is launched it will be similar to this.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

The Rival Apollo comes with 7 rounds. The rounds are different to the foam cylinders you’re used to and are rather small foam balls which allow for greater accuracy. The Apollo is fun because you can fire off your 7 rounds and then just pop out the magazine and reload. I’ve become a bit obsessed with using it as as a way to make decisions. Seriously. If I hit the target its a go, if I miss, it’s a no. I’ll have a video up in the next few weeks where I use it. You’ll enjoy it!

I find the Apollo far easier to load up a the magazine pops out the bottom and you just feed the balls in. You also have the option to buy a larger magazine and extra rounds. The larger mag sits 12 rounds vs the 7 included. The new Rival range also has a few other accessories which includes a face mask. Highly useful because I bruise easily and don’t fancy explaining a bruise on my cheek to the production team I work with. Lol.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

You can also choose between Team Red or Team Blue so there are colour options as well. I’m team red, in case you were wondering. The new Rival series and this Apollo blaster has got me super hyped for the Overwatch and Fortnite blasters to drop. For now, I’m going to keep shooting Player 2 with this baby when he annoys me… or any time I can actually.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

You can get your NERF Blasters from any of the South African toy stores and on Takealot online.

Disclosure: I was sent a NERF Apollo XV-700 – because NERF knows I’m a giant child 😉



  • Reply Kristina Zollner December 14, 2018 at 00:04

    Hi Sam! I was wondering if this gun has ever left you with bruises anywhere on your body? I am wanting to organize a Nerf Battle with my nieces and nephews!

    • Reply Sam Wright December 15, 2018 at 12:35

      Once yes. But my brother came and shot me at close range on my leg. The blasters are meant to be fun and you shoot from a distance.

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