Thank U, Next

Guys the Backstreet Boys announced their world tour and South Africa isn’t included. I’ve listened to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart way too much and now I’ve just discovered Chances. Don’t judge me. I LOVE a boyband. In other news, here is this week’s Bytesized.

💰The Instagram Effect: 10 000 people are on a waiting list for this cardigan

The Barry Jumper will set you back $120 (R1725) and about 10k people are waiting to buy one. I’m trying to work out what is so fancy about this cardigan, and all I can see is that it comes in a range of colours and that you can wear it back to front if you like. My Cotton On black cardigan is just fine thank you.


🎶Thank U Next

So Ariana and Pete broke up and then Ari released a song called Thank U Next, which you can listen to below. It’s basically a song about how she is grateful for her exes and in true interweb style, the memes were a plenty.

One taught me love. One taught me patience. One taught me pain.


💟Feeling cute might delete later

A while ago I went on a rant about how people announce the intention to do stuff on social media instead of just doing it. And while some of this stuff does really annoy me, the “feeling cute, might delete later” cracks me up to no end.

🐦Tweets I thought were worth sharing this week

🚕Me. Every. Single. Time.

🚫A while ago we found out that kids were drinking Tide Pods, well that ship has sailed…

🏆This is a great way to encourage interaction at the workplace and team building.

📱Things you do on social media that would be weird AF IRL

🔥Don’t play with fire kids

ICYMI: And if you’re feeling unmotivated at work as the end of the year approaches, try out the to don’t list.


  • Reply Kerry Sharper November 16, 2018 at 08:27

    One of my favourite Bytesized’s? yet.
    The cardigan thing is hella confusing, I mean, it looks nice on her but she is sitting on a bed not doing anything – she doesn’t have a bag on her shoulders (it’s lying on the bed, what purpose is it serving there?) and she isn’t making her way down town pulling the damn thing up when it slips off her shoulders every 2 seconds so I am actually really worried about those 10K people.

    That Uber tweet cracked me up because that is literally me every time. I have a list of questions actually. I always go in prepared.
    “been busy today?”
    “do you drive for Uber and Taxify?”
    And the list goes on

    • Reply Jade November 20, 2018 at 15:28

      Thanks so much Kerry! I really appreciate it. Ya I don’t get that cardigan at all and your Uber questions are very cool. I wonder what the most common questions that Uber drivers get asked are? Also I’d like to know the strangest ones.

    • Reply Sam Wright November 23, 2018 at 11:12

      This makes me giggle. All the thoughts that went into that cardigan! I might never shop the same way again.

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