I’m shoutcasting some Clash Royale baby!

Cat’s out the bag and I can officially announce that I’m getting in on the Esports action at Comic Con Africa. By now, if you follow my social profiles, you’d have read the piece I wrote for Red Bull about the Red Bull M.E.O by ESL Clash Royale Qualifier. The article also has some tips on getting into the game and learning how to play. It is a free mobile game on Android and iPhone so, if you have a mobile phone, anyone can play!

The rad thing about the Red Bull M.E.O by ESL Clash Royale Qualifier is that the winner of the qualifiers at Comic Con will be sent to Germany to compete against 35 other winners. The best in the world will battle it out for eventual victory. Qualifiers start on the Friday at Comic Con (14 September) with the quarters, semis and finals taking place on Sunday the 16th. All the information you need about the qualifier can be found here.

I’ve been playing Clash Royale recently and I think I am relatively decent for a n00b. But I still have a lot of training to do! I’ll be shoutcasting the semi, quarter and finals of the Red Bull M.E.O by ESL Clash Royale Qualifier with Mr Gareth Woods. You might know him from all the TV stuff he does or from his stand up comedy days. Gareth is also a well known Dota 2 Meme’er so I think we’ll be able to provide a show that gives full credit to the incredible Clash talent we’re going to see on the stage while also allowing those of you new to the game to follow what is going on.

If you’re at Comic Con Africa and you have a mobile phone there is no excuse not to enter. Come play at the Red Bull stand and maybe I’ll be calling your name during the finals on Sunday. Even if you decide not to play, if you’ve followed me for awhile you know that while I’ve done a lot of esports hosting, I haven’t got behind the casting desk until now. This is new territory to me. I’m lucky in that I have a great casting partner and an incredible team behind the scenes to make this a smooth run but I’d love your support as well. Because the nerves will be intense!

So book your Sunday afternoon out (if you aren’t at Comic Con there will be a stream you can watch and support), let’s watch some rad esports and the Red Bull is on me ?

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