Sciencing is hard work. Just ask Ivanka

Being authentic is a term thrown around a lot on the internet, but that is because it is true. On the internet, you get called out on your BS immediately, and if you don’t believe me, just ask Ivanka Trump.

🔍Be careful what you Google, because it will come back to haunt you

The funniest thing that ever happened involving online ads was when someone who works on a brand website complained about inappropriate ads appearing on the site. These were of a strip club nature and the poor soul kicked up such a fuss but didn’t quite understand how programmatic advertising worked. That is, you are shown ads based on your search history.

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🌿Hate coriander? It’s because you have a genetic mutation

This mutation causes you to taste soap when eating coriander/cilantro. So if you are not a fan, it’s because you’re genetically inferior #GeneShaming. My SO hates coriander while I like to put it everything (except dessert, that would be weird). This fact has made my day.

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🔬👩Ivanka Trump sciences like a boss

While on an educational tour to showcase Trump’s infrastructure plans, Ivanka took this photo. The internet responded with one of their famous Photoshop Battles, but my favourite responses were when people took the time to show that Ivanka’s serious sciencing wasn’t science at all.

👶Are you with child?

Forget gender reveal parties and pregnancy shoots, things just got taken to a whole new level because now you can 3D print your unborn child. It’s printed in plaster and you can even get it plated in precious metals. But why stop there? Get a Bedazzler and go crazy.

You have to watch this:

📺It’s like watching a posh Karl Pilkington

Jake Whitehall is hilarious and if you’ve watched Fresh Meat or Bad Education you will know why. A few days ago I binge-watched Jake Whitehall: Travels With My Father and it did not disappoint. Jake never had a gap year, so he decides to go on a 5-week-trip with his father to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. His dad is very prim and proper and does not like slumming it.

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