3 most watched YouTube videos 2016 – global edition

Every year YouTube releases their most viewed videos. In 2016 the world apparently liked random songs, Adele and wanted to find out what’s inside a rattlesnake rattle. Here are the 3 most watched videos in the world for 2016.

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3. The only non entertainment video to make the top 3 is about rattlesnakes 

The explainer video, What’s inside a Rattlesnake rattle has over 59m views.

2. The catchy Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is the second most watched video for 2016

It has over 93m views! We really don’t deserve the internet.

1. And the most watched video in the world for 2016 is…

With 135m views the award goes to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke episode with Adele. From downing tea to talking about being a mom, this video is awesome.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE:  The Iguana vs Snakes video or for a change of pace check out Dr Pimple Popper who didn’t make the list but has just under 2m subscribers and has over 950m views!

To view the YouTube Rewind South Africa channel, click here. 

Which was your favourite Youtube video for 2016? 

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