gadgets to take on holiday

The 6 gadgets I’m taking to Bali

By the time you read this I’ll be in Bali on a beach. I’m taking a sneaky holiday and I’m so excited to finally be able to put my feet up! But being the biggest nerd I obviously couldn’t come to Bali unarmed.

These are the 6 gadgets I’m taking to Bali to make my holiday just a little more epic:

1. Parrot Drone

gadgets to take on holiday

This is such a nifty little drone for those, like me, just trying to get the hang of drones and specifically flying them. You load an app on your phone and you’re good to go. Its small enough to fit in my bag and cheap enough that I don’t need to stress about it getting damaged. You can get this little cutie from Dion Wired stores for around R2200 and I’m going to try fly mine over the ocean for some rad footage. The camera ain’t great but it will still be fun!

2. LG 360 camera

gadgets to take on holiday

Bali has these incredible views and cliff sights so I’m digging the opportunity to try out this 360 camera from LG. Hopefully it produces some epic shots for YouTube videos and the like. I love that it works with any Android mobiles but also has an iPhone app as well. Keen to test it!

3. The Casu iPhone 7 Light up Case

gadgets to take on holiday

Remember when I told you about the Lumee? Well, Mobile Fun now has the Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Up Cover. I’ve actually tried this one before and, spoiler, I’m basically in love with it. It really improves the quality of your photos and I can say that I’m a fan. I’m bringing it along on the trip for a few late night selfies. You can purchase your own from Mobile Fun for around R438 – not bad! Also, I don’t have an iPhone 7 (sad face) but these covers work a treat on the iPhone 6s too!

4. Plantronics BackBeat Sense

gadgets to take on holiday

These are wireless on ear headphones that I’m busy testing out – so they’re making the trek with me to Bali. Super stoked to put them through their paces on the beach. They’re also pretty damn sexy to look at. Anyone else impressed with the finishes? Have I mentioned how much I love headphones yet?

5. World Panel SunStream

gadgets to take on holiday

It is a solar powered mobile charger… I’m going to Bali… do the math. I recently got this in a press drop so I’m really looking forward to testing it out and seeing how it performs.

6. Mobile lens

gadgets to take on holiday

I received this Macro and Fisheye Lens in the Just Dance press pack and I’ve been itching to test them out. I figure the epic scenery in Bali is ideal to put these cute little lens additions to the test. Cannot wait!

Any gadgets you think I’m missing? Hit me up in the comments below with some suggestions.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the items listed above were gifted to me or are currently with me for review. 

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