Bytesized |the it’s almost Xmas edition

A tweet that sums up 2016 perfectly, good news for Blackberry and Nokia users (finally), Google maps takes bovine privacy very seriously, Amazon makes shoplifting legal (sort of.. and they took our jobs) and more in Bytesized.

ICYMI: Blackberry and Nokia users rejoice. You can now be like the cool kids and get What’s App. 

This tweet sums up 2016 perfectly


 Amazon Go makes shoplifting legal 

Walk into the store, grab what you want and then walk out. Yup that pretty much describes shoplifting. Say hello to Amazon Go, a walk in and out shopping experience without queues or cashiers.

And before you think of how easy it would be to walk out without paying, think again. You need to use your app to gain access to the store, and once you have the goods you get charged. 

Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology


WTF: vinyl sales beat digital downloads in the UK

The hipsters have won. For the first time ever vinyl record sales beat digital downloads in the UK. Sales figures for vinyl were £2.4m compared to £2.1m for digital downloads.

Image result for vinyl vs digital


Google maps takes anonymity very seriously

This is defnitely a win for our bovine comrades.

And just before we all go on holiday, here’s a pro tip


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