Xbox South Africa Club

Xbox South Africa Club brings local Xbox players together

Editor’s Note: Xbox South Africa Club was started by my friend Ruan Fourie – who has guest posted on the blog before. He wrote the post below to give you a bit more detail about the club and I’m sharing it because I think it is such a rad idea. 

This piece was written by Ruan Fourie:

Modern day gaming is no longer a thing for loners. These days it is all about the multiplayer and sometimes it can be hard to find other players for the particular game that you are playing, especially when you start looking for players for your particular platform. Now South African Xbox players will have a space to help them find friends to play Xbox with, thanks to the Xbox South Africa Club on Xbox Live.

Xbox South Africa Club

As an Xbox player myself I know the struggle is real when you need that extra Halo 5 player for your team, so you can lay in the upcoming Halo SA 4v4 tournament. But not having other South Africans to play Xbox with is a common problem for a lot of local Xbox players. That is why we started the Xbox South Africa Club on Xbox Live.

The Xbox South Africa Club was created to help all South African Xbox players find each other and set up times to play their favourite Xbox games. Even if you are a South African ex-pat now living elsewhere in the world, if you are looking for some South Africans to play with, the Xbox South Africa Club will help you find those players.

What is Xbox Live Clubs?

Xbox South Africa Club

Well, nobody really explains it better than Xbox themselves, so I’ll just quote them:

Clubs are a brand new way for gamers to connect on Xbox Live, whether they’re on a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One. Via the Club section in the Community tab on your console or via the Club section in the various Xbox apps, you can search for all sorts of Clubs based on the tags associated with the Club in question.”

That’s right, Xbox Clubs are not just for the Xbox console owners, but also Windows 10 PC players that want to find other players for their favourite game.

‘Looking for Group’ will help you find a group of players

As part of the Xbox Clubs there is also the ‘Looking for Group’ functionality that will let you and other gamers create a type of “wanted” post, where you can advertise the fact that you are looking for other gamers. You will be able to create ‘Looking for Group’ posts based on a specific game or games, but also other criteria like “no trash talking allowed,” “casual friendly” “experienced players only” or  “Mic Required.”

Grow the South African Xbox community

Xbox South Africa Club

We hope that the Xbox South Africa Club will help the local Xbox community grow so that we can start competing more on a global level. Making new gamer friends to play with has never been easier, and we look forward to seeing South African players create a community of casual, competitive and tournament players.

Head on over to the Xbox South Africa Club now, and join. We’ll see you on the digital battlefield.

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