5 vlog tips you can learn from the SSA YouTube Creators Awards

The first ever African YouTube Awards were recently held where YouTubers from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and more gathered to celebrate the most popular channels. The event was a blast but what is fun without some learning? Here are 5 vlog tips from the SSA YouTube Awards that will make you a better vlogger.

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vlog tips from the YouTube awards

1. Just start that YouTube channel

After asking a few YouTube award nominees what their top tip for aspiring vloggers was, all of them said “Just start”. Before you research equipment or worry about video quality, just make your first video.

Most smartphones have pretty decent cameras, especially if you have the Hauwei P9 which has a Leica camera (Leica happens to be one of the best cameras in the world). The point is that any camera will do.


2. Don’t expect to be an overnight success or quit your day job just yet

Most started their channels in 2010 and have been experimenting with content for a while. They know who their audience is, what they like to watch and know how to edit.

And guess what, the YouTubers you know and love probably only left their jobs to pursue YouTubing full time a few years ago and yes it was scary AF. And some probably still have day jobs.

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3. Vlog about what you’re passionate about


The awards showed that there is something for everyone. From a Keytar player, comedy, talk shows to wild animals, fitness and DIY, there is bound to be an audience that is interested in what you are.

The only way you’ll stay inspired to keep on creating is if you are doing something you enjoy. Find your passion and go with that.

4.Subscribers are kind of a big deal

While 1000 video views might rock your boat, what actually matters is how many subscribers you have. And this isn’t just for the awards you could receive (Suzelle DIY was awarded the silver play button for reaching 100k subscribers and Yellow Brick Cinema got the gold play button for 1m subs!).

It is because a subscriber is your ultimate fan. It means they will come back and view new videos and they like what you’re putting down.

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5. Audience engagement is key

The SSA YouTube Awards were streamed live and it was a hit. Social media is about engagement and the live stream attracted some pretty awesome people with some pretty awesome comments. They featured the good, the bad and the ugly. Create videos that gets your audience talking.

To watch the SSA YouTube awards, click here.

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